About My Retirement


The Prime Minister has decided to gradually lift the entitlement age for the age pension for men and women to 67, facing up to the costs of an aging population which will be in retirement for twenty years or more. Not everyone will enjoy the health, let alone the opportunity, to work full time to age 67.  My Dad would happily have stayed working. He is now 91, mandatorily retired at 65 and continues to enjoy robust health.  Sadly, this is not the case for me.

On medical advice, I had to retire as a financial planner at the end of May, 2009. I have some serious health issues with the bone structure of my neck, which has deteriorated markedly in a relatively short period. Some readers may remember the story Pain In The Neck which proved to be a precursor to this, but given my parent’s genes and the fact that Dad still has all his teeth, I was convinced that I would be good for another five years, at least.

From time to time, my clients have asked, “What happens to me or us, if something happens to you?”  My answer always was that “Between PIS and I, we would make sure that you were well cared for, in terms of ongoing financial services.” As promised, this has been done.

My clients will continue to receive sound financial planning advice. Arrangements have been made to transfer my client base within the Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd (PIS) dealer group to their Adviser, Amanda Doyle  who is well known to me; a partner in business with Bruce Ponting; had 10 years experience teaching Economics and Business Studies and impeccable experience and qualifications as a financial planner. This means my clients’ investments continue uninterrupted and no costs are incurred by them, due to my changed circumstances.

Bruce Ponting & Amanda Doyle

Bruce Ponting & Amanda Doyle

 Click here to contact Amanda Doyle

Although I have surrendered my License and cannot provide advice, I will be available for ongoing consultation by Amanda and Bruce for the next year to answer any questions that they may have and this is no less than any responsible financial planner would do.

So, what’s next?  I have some plans:  I will continue to write and have just launched Stories My Nana Tells as an online service where reader can continue to enjoy the stories from “The Idler” column in The Swan Magazine and more besides. I will have a short holiday.  I may be able to do some light gardening – and I will travel. Mostly, I plan to enjoy the social company of friends many of who are, by co-incidence, the clients of many years, during which I was often too busy to accept their generous offers of hospitality. 

My twenty five years as a financial planner have been rich and fulfilling and I thank my clients for the joy and pleasure they have afforded me over many years. I have no doubt that we will continue to enrich each other’s lives in the future. Should you wish to contact me privately, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you – now I will have some idle time. Or you will find me at Twitter, too.  http://twitter.com/LesleyDewar


Lesley is a regular columnist for “The Swan Magazine” where she writes a quirky lifestyle column called “The Idler” some of which can be read The Idler 

If you would like a sample copy simply put your name and email address in the contact form and we will confirm your request and send it to you.






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2 responses to “About My Retirement

  1. kay grieve

    Your snailmail arrived before I checked my emails-I was absolutely shattered!( very selfish of me I know) You have been such a caring thoughtful friend through all my problems ( so much more than just my financial adviser ) just wont be the same-will look forward to catching up when you come to Brisbane & I really do hope your neck problems will improve with your retirement. Love Kay xx

    • Thank you Kay and you know that friendship outlasts financial planning – every day of the week! I will continue to write and have just launched Stories My Nana Tells as an online service where reader can continue to enjoy the stories from “The Idler” column in The Swan Magazine and more besides. You can register for your own on line fortnightly delivery here http://storiesmynanatells.wordpress.com Love Lesley

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